Thursday, October 29, 2009

Can I Make Money With Avon?

No matter who you are around the country today, most if not all people have heard of Avon the beauty supplier. You may not know but Avon is the largest beauty supplier in the world. Many have had the chance to try their products and like them as well.

A company this size have better have decent products or they would have not survived this long. Although we know very well about the products themselves but how well do we understand the income opportunity that they offer. The question is how much money do you make selling Avon..

Along with this question many people wonder is it worth it to get started in Avon to make extra or what do I need to do to start making money with Avon. The important thing that most people would really like to know though is how much money do you make selling Avon again asking the same thing, because really it is great to have the products but you want some extra cash otherwise you would be searching for this.

First of all the thing that needs to be understood about Avon is that it is MLM or networking marketing company. Like any MLM the way to the real money is to through recruiting others to sell the products and have them recruit other and so on a so forth. So you have all your team members selling along with you to generate money.

Let's go back first of all to the what if you were to just sell the products how much money do you make will Avon then. Well Avon will pay you 20 to 50% commission on what you sell depending on how expensive the order is. Now if you were to get people to join you would earn up to12% off of what they sell. The idea behind all of this is you make more selling your own technically, but you also have to work much harder and therefore if you plan to make a long term income with Avon you need to recruit others.

This may sound great and may not seem this hard and you may have heard the many success stories with Avon.

So we ask the question again how much money do you make selling Avon?

So the Answer is:  Will You Make Money With Avon and How Much Do You Want To Make

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